Underground Moves is a standalone employee assistance program (EAP) that allows employers and organizations to address the needs of individuals experiencing domestic violence (DV). To ensure safety, we deliver services via a platform that's unrecognizable to anyone other than the survivor. There, they can access skill-building resources, critical services, and an ongoing support network. 

Created by and for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV), Underground Moves simplifies a complex issue by giving employers the resources they need to empower their employees.

the economic toll of IPV

The workplace can provide survivors a much-needed respite from the abuse they endure at home and allow them some measure of financial independence. However, domestic violence often negatively impacts their ability to work and poses liability risks for employers, who often aren’t even aware there are survivors in their organizations. But there are; the staggering statistics reflect a workforce rife with individuals experiencing intimate partner violence

These numbers allow employers to see the high human and economic cost of this silent epidemic.


the UM difference

Studies show that an employee assistance program that addresses intimate partner violence reduces DV-related job loss, medical expenses, incidents of compromised workplace safety, and employee absenteeism. Underground Moves further mitigates these issues with a more comprehensive approach to employee outreach and resources. 

Often, survivor's jobs are one of the few places where their abuser can't monitor their every move. Underground Moves identified that this brief suspension of control creates an opportunity to make the workplace a crucial touchpoint to receive secure, discreet support and actionable help.

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